use your points

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  • Visa Card

    Redeem your points for one or more prepaid Visa cards.

    Please allow 8 weeks for receipt of Visa card.

    from 2,500 points
  • Cheques

    You can redeem your points for a Zoetis cheque.

    from 2,500 points
  • Custom Order

    Purchase a product from The Home Depot and Canadian Tire catalog using your PLP points through our customer service.

    From 7,500 points Details
  • Road Safety Kit

    Road Safety Kit

    3,750 Points Details
  • 12 V Portable Cooler & Warmer

    12 V Portable Cooler & Warmer

    5,000 Points Details
  • Roadside Emergency Kit

    Roadside Emergency Kit

    5,000 Points Details
  • Power Inverter

    Power Inverter

    6,250 Points Details
  • Searching Light

    Searching Light

    6,250 Points Details
  • Skyline Binoculars

    Skyline Binoculars

    6,250 Points Details
  • BentleyTravel Luggage

    BentleyTravel Luggage

    10,000 Points Details